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Buy to let property

Our guide to buy to let properties

People get into buy to let properties for a variety of reasons. It could be purely as an investment, or simply to enjoy a second home that can also make them some money. One of the most important things to first consider is exactly where the best place to buy is.


House keys

Our guide to ARLA

One way to make sure that you get the best possible treatment as a landlord is to do business with an ARLA registered lettings agency. Read our guide on what you need to know.



Tenants' deposits: what you need to know

Before the deposit scheme was launched, there was an increasing number of disputes between landlords and their tenants which involved the landlord failing to return some, or even any, of the deposit. Some unscrupulous landlords would even hold onto the deposit even when there was no damage to be compensated for.


Boxes in empty living room

Evicting tenants from your property

When things don’t go to plan for one reason or another the only way to remove a tenant from your property is to issue an eviction notice. Read our guide to everything you need to know.


Adjusting thermostat on boiler

A guide to gas safety certificates

As a landlord there can be no greater responsibility than the safety of your tenants. There can be many hidden dangers in the home but none should pose a threat if everything is in good working order.