5 of the Best Adventure Holidays for Over-50s

Just because you have reached a certain age it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take things easy. If you’re not quite ready to settle for a sightseeing coach trip or cruise just yet, there are a range of exciting holidays on offer for over 50s looking for adventure. From iceberg spotting in Alaska to sleeping under the stars in the desert, MORE TH>N has found some of the best adventure holidays for more mature travellers which we hope will provide some inspiration for your next trip.
1. Archaeological Dig, North Carolina, USA

Release your inner Indiana Jones on an archaeological dig in North Carolina. You can stay at a fabulous waterfront boutique hotel and spend your days exploring the Outer Banks of North Carolina, home to some of the most important archaeological finds dating back to the European colonisation of America.


2. Walking Tour, Lac d’Annecy, France (pictured)

If beautiful waterside walks are your thing you’ll love the quaint village of Talloires in the South East of France. Lac d’Annecy enjoys a picturesque location and offers walks along its edge or around the Bauges Mountain Range situated nearby. The village dates back to the 9th century so there are plenty of historical sites and stories to soak up during your stay.


3. Bedouin Tent, Tel Aviv, Israel

If a romantic stay under the stars is on your bucket list, a Bedouin tent is the perfect way to tick this one off. Your luxury tent will be waiting for your arrival - usually by camel - and has everything you need for a good night’s sleep in this magical desert location. There are lots of activities to partake in, or why not just relax by the fire and watch the sun as it sets over the sand dunes.


4. Iceberg Chasing, Alaska, USA

If icebergs have always held your fascination, why not get up close and personal with these majestic natural formations? An Alaskan adventure cruise will take you within a safe distance of some of the most famous icebergs in the region, and you’re going to get some fantastic photographic opportunities.  You can choose to get closer by taking one of the smaller sightseeing boats, or by going whale watching.


5. Activity Holiday, Vietnam

If you really want to get into the heart of the action, an activity holiday in Vietnam offers travel by foot, paddle and saddle. You can choose to kayak at your leisure through rivers, cycle along the Mekong Delta rice fields or hike in the hills inhabited by colourful and friendly locals.


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