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PitPat Life gives you all the support, encouragement and rewards you could want while looking after your best friend.

There's a 12 month minimum term but if you decide PitPat isn't for you, don't worry. You can cancel your membership at any time within the first 21 days of your membership starting - just send your PitPat dog activity monitor back to receive a full refund.

Join PitPat Life

At MORE THAN, we want the nation’s dogs to stay in great tail-wagging shape

That’s why we’ve teamed up with PitPat Life from PitPat – the dog health and wellbeing club that rewards you for keeping your dog healthy and happy.

Join PitPat Life and get all this...

Join today and start enjoying the perks of the club that helps your dog get the most out of life. We want to reward you for having a healthy dog and you could earn up to £100 from us for walking and weighing your dog and much more.

All for just £4 a month

PitPat Life helps you and your dog get the most out of life.

Join and you'll get:

  • PitPat dog activity monitor (worth £39)
  • Valuable perks
  • Easy to use app
  • Prize store
  • Exclusive MORE THAN cash rewards
Join PitPat Life

PitPat dog activity monitor and app

With PitPat Life, you’ll get a dog activity monitor worth £39, which lets you know your dog’s activity based on their breed, age and weight.

The monitor works with the easy-to-use PitPat Life app. Just download the app to your smartphone and you can see how long your dog walks, runs, plays and rests each day, as well as distance travelled and how many calories they’ve burnt.

You can even see tailored recommendations for your dog’s activity, to help your dog get the most out of life.

Points, prizes and perks

  • Collect points for walking and weighing your dog, and in lots more ways too  
  • Swap the points your dog earns for rewards from the exclusive members Prize Store
  • Enjoy an ever-growing selection of discounts, offers and benefits.

It’s easy to redeem

  • Walk your dog, update their weight and much more to earn up to £100 cash
  • Simply redeem your points for cash and we’ll pay you by cheque within 60 days of you claiming it
  • Just make sure you quote your MORE THAN policy number when you sign up to register for cash rewards.
Join PitPat Life

Important Information

PitPat Life’s membership terms and conditions
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