Decreasing life insurance

Protection for your mortgage repayments, should the unexpected happen.

Cover is available for a couple or individual.
This cover is designed to pay off the outstanding balance on a repayment mortgage or repayment loan.


Why should I take this insurance out?

  • You can choose the amount of cover and how long you would like the policy to run for.
  • The amount of cover will reduce each month during the policy as the mortgage decreases
  • If you die during the policy, your insurer will pay the calculated amount of cover at that time.

How does a joint policy work?

Setting up a joint policy with your partner is easy. It will cover both of you and the amount of cover will be paid out upon the first death.

Your policy will continue to run until a claim has been paid out or you've reached the end of the term of your policy. Your policy doesn't have any cash value.