What is landlord loss of rent cover? 

Landlord loss of rent provides cover should your property be damaged by an insured event such as fire or flood. 

For example, your existing landlord insurance will cover you if someone accidentally puts their foot through your ceiling. If your roof is damaged during a storm forcing your tenant to move out, loss of rent will cover your rental income. Also, if your tenant needs alternative accommodation, this cost may also be covered. 

Why would I need loss of rent cover?

When storms, floods, leaks and fires happen, this optional add-on covers:

Rental income

Your rental income is covered if damage occurs and your tenants are forced to move out. We'll cover the resulting short fall in your rental income.

Alternative accommodation

Following damage, if you're responsible for rehousing your tenants, alternative accommodation costs are covered should they need to evacuate your property.

What loss of rent does not cover

Landlord loss of rent does not cover you if for any reason your tenant cannot pay their rent.

Covering your investment

This extra level of cover can be added to your existing landlord’s insurance or upgraded as a mid-term adjustment. Landlord loss of rent cover is designed specifically to cater for unexpected situations that could cause stress and considerable financial outlay. Having the right level of cover will help to safeguard your investment. If the unexpected ever happens you know you’re in safe hands. 

Landlord loss of rent cover explained

Imagine there is a burst pipe that has caused a flood to the ground floor of the dwelling, rendering your property uninhabitable. Would you be able to find your tenant alternative accommodation should the need arise? How would you cope without the rental income?  

Rental properties are investments that can be safeguarded against these types of eventualities with optional add-ons such as loss of rent cover.


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Do you need loss of rent cover?

We can’t predict the future, it's not often that difficulties arise, but when they do it’s important to have strategies in place to cope. While loss of rent cover is not legally required, having this optional add-on in place may help to ensure that should the need ever arise, you won't incur significant disruption to your finances.


Future-proof your investment

Being a landlord is about understanding unseen future costs. Assessing which of these costs can be covered by an optional add-on may help to reduce financial uncertainty. Your rental property is a long term investment. It pays to future-proof it so that you can enjoy your rewards when they mature.