Insurance for belongings in and out of your home

is also known as personal possessions insurance.

What is personal possessions insurance?


Personal possessions insurance is also known as personal belongings or personal item insurance and covers your everyday belongings that you take with you and against loss in and out of the home. These belongings can include your mobile phone, jewellery and bags.

To cover your belongings away from your home that are worth less than £1,000, you'll need to add personal possessions cover. For items worth more than £1,000, these must be listed out when making a home insurance quote.


What does personal possessions cover?


You need to tell us the total value of items worth under £1,000 and about each item worth over £1,000. These need to be listed individually in the specified section when making a home quote.

Cover your belongings against accidental damage or loss when in or away from your home in the British Isles and up to 60 days worldwide.

You can choose to cover:

> Items under £1,000 (unspecified items only)

> Items under and over £1,000 (unspecified and specified items)

> Items over £1,000 (specified items only).

Bear in mind in an event of a claim for items worth under £1,000 you have to pay a compulsory excess of £50 per claim, plus your chosen voluntary excess amount.

Unspecified items are belongings worth less than £1,000 each – a minimum sum insured of £500 applies to these items in total, although this amount can be increased if you wish.

Specified items are belongings worth more than £1,000 each and must be listed individually when making a home insurance quote.

Examples of personal possessions:

> Binoculars and photographic equipment

> Hearing aids and portable medical machines

> Jewellery, watches and items of precious metals

> Musical instruments

> Personal tablet and laptops

> Personal effects (including clothing)

> Portable electronic equipment (including mobile phones)

> Sports equipment.


What’s not included in our personal possessions insurance?


When taking your belongings out of your home, it’s important to take due care and be diligent.

If you leave items in your car, we will only pay up to £1,000 for theft claims.

Here are some exclusions:

> Motor vehicles and children’s motor vehicles whether licensed for road use or not

> Boats or any mechanically propelled or assisted watercraft

> Pets and livestock

> Money or credit cards

> Household goods and domestic appliances

> If your home has been left unoccupied for 60 days or more

An excess may apply.

See our home insurance policy wording for full exclusions.

Personal possessions insurance for students

If you have our upgraded contents cover, we will cover your children's contents when they leave home to go to school, college or university in the British Isles.

We will cover their contents up to £11,250.

Am I covered for money outside the home?


We can cover the loss of money in the British Isles and up to 60 days worldwide. This is known as personal money cover and can be added to your policy. 

Claims are limited to up to £500 for cash.

Are bicycles covered?

If you want to cover riding your bicycle out and about, add our pedal cycle (bicycle) insurance cover. This cover is for bikes only and is separate from personal possessions insurance.