Buildings insurance

Get buildings insurance from £91 a year

Excludes optional extras. Based on 10% of 626 new customers who purchased Primary buildings cover. MORE THAN data Jun 19 - Dec 19
You'll receive up to £1 million buildings cover and home emergency assistance (cover to £200) as standard. If you discover a leak or break-in, which leaves your home unsafe or could cause further damage to your home, one of our authorised tradespeople will come out to your home to stop a leak or secure your home.

Locks and keys

If you lose your home's external door keys or they're stolen, you'll be covered up to £1,000 to replace them. Accidental damage to external door locks is also covered but mechanical failure isn’t. Safes and alarms in your home are also included (£25 excess applies). 

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Alternative accommodation

If your home becomes uninhabitable as a result of an insured event such as fire or flood, we'll provide up to £30,000 cover to temporarily rehome you and anyone who normally lives with you including any pets. If you choose to upgrade your buildings insurance, you'll be covered up to £100,000.

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Accidental damage

If you’ve selected our accidental damage cover, you'll be covered for unexpected mishaps that damage your home, such as DIY disasters, broken windows and pipes, as well as damage to cables or underground tanks providing a service to your home. Find out more about additional cover options.

£250 compulsory excess applies to accidental damage claim.

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Our upgraded buildings cover is rated 5 Star by Moneyfacts.

You'll get increased alternative accommodation plus trace and access cover to repair damage caused by tracing a leak.

Trace and access

If you purchase our upgraded buildings insurance, you'll get up to £5,000 trace and access cover. This means after a leak has been fixed, we'll replace any part of your home such as flooring that's been damaged in order to locate a heating or water system leak.

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Increased alternative accommodation

With our upgraded cover, you'll benefit from increased alternative accommodation cover up to £100,000, if your home is uninhabitable after an incident such as a fire or flood.

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