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What is black box insurance?

Putting you in control

A black box is a telematics device that will help you to improve your driving, and could help to lower your renewal premiums, while also earning cash on a pre-paid card for driving safely. Our experts fit the device to your car to record your driving data.

They will provide you with feedback by turning your driving data into a driving score based on what we know leads to accidents. You’ll get an overall score as well as one for speed, smoothness and usage which you’ll be able to check using your online dashboard or iOS app

3 steps to rewarding driving

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How does a black box work?

We look for the positives in everyone.

The black box works by rewarding the best aspects of your driving across all of the miles you do, rather than focusing on occasional mistakes. However, if the black box identifies examples of poor driving, such as excessive speeding on multiple occasions, or an unacceptable driving event, your policy may be cancelled. 

The black box is fitted out of sight in your car. The device carries a sim card, just like your mobile. It’s equipped with a GPS and a motion sensor which allows it to measure factors such as cornering and braking. 

How will black box insurance help me? 

No driving history – no problem.

Black box insurance is perfect for inexperienced drivers without driving history (such as no claim bonus) who want to keep their insurance costs low. 

That’s why SMART WHEELS black box insurance is purpose-built for 17-24 year olds who wish to keep costs low while also staying safe, improving their driving and earning rewards.  


What does a black box record?

We're not snooping on you.

We’re more interested in stuff like driving conditions including the time of day, the number of journeys you do, your speed, acceleration and cornering (the things that keep you safe).

In addition to earning rewards on a pre-paid card to spend in your favourite high street shops, your overall score is used to calculate your renewal premium once your policy comes to an end. It’s easy to keep track of this using your SMART WHEELS app and online dashboard. 

How do I get a good driving score?

If you want a great driving score then focus on these important factors:


Think speed limit, not target. You, other road users and pedestrians are safer if you’re within the speed limit rather than over it, and your score will reflect this.


There’s no set curfew but driving lots at night or for long periods without rest can lead to accidents.


Taking off too aggressively from junctions and traffic lights or braking harshly can lead to accidents. Plus, it’s less fuel efficient.

Will black box insurance work for me?

If you're a careful driver, absolutely.

We’ll give you tips and feedback to help you improve. We want you to stay safe on the road and get rewarded for doing so. If you want to become a safer driver and save on insurance costs, then SMART WHEELS is the cover for you.

We know that bad driving causes accidents which in turn raises insurance premiums. Therefore, these drivers run the risk of having their policy cancelled. 

Is telematics and black box insurance the same thing? 

Telematics is black box insurance and ours is called SMART WHEELS.

Telematics is a personalised insurance service. Rather than looking broadly at your age, the car you drive and where you live, etc, it looks at your personal driving style. So, if you’re a safer driver, we’ll reward you. Simple.

Getting started with black box insurance

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Frequently asked questions

Here's a list of our customers' most asked questions.

Can I drive my car before the black box is fitted?

Yes, you can – but make sure the black box is fitted within 14 days of the policy start date, otherwise your cover could be cancelled.

Who installs the black box in my car?

We’ll send out one of our experts to fit the device professionally for you. You won’t have to do a thing.

Can a black box increase my insurance?

Black box insurance isn’t about penalising you; it’s about giving you the tools to improve your driving. We won’t increase your premium during the year based on your driving, but your driving style will be reflected in your premium at renewal. If you drive safely you could earn a discount at renewal. By accessing your online dashboard and app it puts you in control of the way you drive – not us. 

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